Plans and Pricing

We are available for consultation or web design by hourly rates or for project fixed rate. For fixed rate projects, we will create a Service Agreement and Statement of Work detailing work activities, deliverables, and the timeline of performance for the specified work. The SOW will include detailed requirements and pricing, with standard regulatory and governance terms and conditions.  Our hourly rates can be performed via Service Agreement and invoiced on a monthly basis.

For affordable, low cost monthly payment plans, see our sister site at ML Stuckey Designs ( to view our hosted site offerings.

Solution Architecture

General Project Consultation and Documentation
  • Application Evaluation
  • System Design
  • Process Flows, Work Flows, and Sequence Diagrams
  • Data Modelling, UML, or ERD
  • Data Migration, Design, and Documentation

Fixed Rate Project

Solution Architecture, Website Design, Team Leader
  • Rate negotiated on a per project basis
  • Monthly or Project Term fixed rates available
  • Fixed rates, whether monthly or project, are unlimited hours
  • Per project hour rates are billed monthly

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I’ve worked with Monica for more than a decade, and here’s the thing: she is absolutely relentless. Monica will go to the very ends to get a job done, get it done right, and learn whatever she has to in order to achieve the goal. I’ve watched her move figurative mountains in order to overcome adversity in projects. All the while she stays bright and sunny, with a “keep moving forward” attitude that helps keep her team motivated. I would be pleased to recommend Monica without reservation. “

Michael DelGaudio

Director of Partner Integrations, Realtors Property Resource

“Monica is a model employee who exhibits ability, pride, enthusiasm, and tenacity. As the Tech Lead for the Subscription Management project, her willingness to put in long hours to get the job done is admirable. Monica understands teamwork and her bubbly demeanor makes her an asset to any team.

Bianca Jackson

Digital Project Manager, Gannett

“She takes her work seriously and goes above and beyond what she agrees to do.”

Ewing Realtor Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is it from signup to project delivery?

The answer to that depends on multiple factors.  Here is a list of factors that can affect the timeline of deliver:

  • Thoroughness of requirements, including content, images, and site outline for website development
  • Complexity of design, including need for integration to other software applications
  • Existing pipeline of work for ML Stuckey Consulting
  • Need for development of materials such as graphics, video, etc.

We will make every effort to ensure that your project is delivered to you as quickly as possible.

What is your refund policy?

The general policy is that we do not provide refunds, but we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.  For all development and consulting, we are normally working with you to obtain your approval at various milestones over the course of the project, and we are able to course correct as necessary to ensure that you, the customer, never feels the need to ask for a refund.

What is Solution Architect?

Simple English Explanation:

What I deliver: documentation, designs, explanations, whatever you need to get the “job” done

Description: A solution architect essentially is responsible for evaluating what software applications you already have and figuring out how to incorporate new applications you want in to work with them so that they all act together rather than separately.  For example, when you get a new customer or potential customer, my job is to figure out how to ensure you only have to enter that customer into one application, but all your applications (your customer relations tool, your accounting system, your work order system, etc) know about the new customer.


Technical Explanation:

Typical artifacts include: application diagrams, system maps, service interfaces, technical interfaces, integration strategies.

Description: A solution architect provides solutions to business or logistical problems using business analysis, systems analysis, and process analysis that may utilize technologies to solve the given problem.  A solution architect works with the design of IT solutions based on requirements from the business, making use of existing IT capabilities and services in the organization.

Solution architects have a special responsibility to reuse existing functions and services. They align new solutions to the current architectural principles regarding standards and integration in the organization. They balance the functional and nonfunctional requirements with necessary prioritizations and compromises. The goal for the solution architect is the success of the current project, in addition to how well the project aligns to the architectural principles and how well it reuses existing capabilities.

When organizations move from traditional applications to integrated solutions and services, the role of the solution architect becomes more and more important. The role of the solution architect is clearer in larger projects, particularly when many systems are involved. If the project is small or the application is isolated, this role may not be necessary in the particular project.

One could also argue that the solution architect is a natural evolution of the traditional system architect role. Moving away from systems to solutions generates new competencies and responsibilities.

Competence: broad and general technical knowledge, as well as deep competences in things like infrastructure, data models, service orientation; good understanding of enterprise architecture.

What is a CRM?

Description: A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Tool.  In simple, it is an application that you use to track and manage your interactions with your customer and your potential customers.  These tools can be extremely simple, like Excel or Outlook, or they can be very intricate tools that not only maintain your customer database, but also manage and automate many of your interactions with your customers, including product purchases and billing.

Examples:  Examples of CRMs are wide and varied.  There are hundreds of them on the market.  You can use something simple like a spreadsheet (which I DON’T recommend for so many reasons) or an email client, or you can use a tool like SalesForce, InfusionSoft, Insightly, or SugarCRM.  There are free CRM tools and there are extremely expensive CRM tools.  There are tools that are also better suited for an individual’s needs than others.

We already have a website, why should we talk to you?

Description: If your corporate website has not been revised in the last 1-2 years, it is probably not a responsive or retina-ready site.  What does that mean?  It means that it is not a site that is designed to render correctly regardless of the device a user is accessing it from.  A website that was written specifically for desktops (as all website were up until recently) will not display well on a mobile or tablet device.  And here’s the kicker.  GOOGLE changed their search algorithms this year so that if your website is not a responsive website, not only will they not promote your site in search results, they will actually penalize you and push you to the END of their results.  When was the last time you went past the first page of the GOOGLE search results?  Well, try being on page 20.  You might as well not be on the internet.


Additionally, your website is the first impression many prospective clients have of your business.  Are you sure your website is giving the impression you want your new customers to see?  You can never undo a first impression.  Make sure yours is a good one.

Don't Be Shy

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