ML Stuckey Consulting Services (What We Do)

Our goal is to make your work life easier.  Technology can be an awesome power.  We help you harness that power.  The main difference between us and the competition?  We aren’t selling you a product, we are providing you a service.  We will be here when you need us, and we will help you get where you want to be. ML Stuckey Consulting Services - What We Do is provide website development, REALTOR websites, Ecommerce solutions, Solution Architecture, and CRM Evaluations/Implementations.

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Providing You with a Fully Responsive Web Design

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Providing You with a Fully Responsive Web Design

Website Development and Hosting

Are your potential clients finding you when they search the web?  Trying to get your business recognized?  We help with that.  We can provide you with a website that integrates to all the major social media outlets with great SEO (how the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! find you).  With ML Stuckey Consulting services, you don’t have to be Tech Savvy, we can help guide you.  And we love questions.  Don’t understand what something is?  We love what we do, and we love making complex things a little less complex. Here are some of the benefits you get with our sites:

  • Custom website development - not just a template where you get to choose the text and colors
  • All sites optimized for the best SEO results, including fully responsive, retina-ready, and content analysis
  • Automated social media integration
  • Content management available
  • Optional scheduler that will manage contacts, allow your customers to book appointments with you, and even allow you to accept payments online
  • Monthly or weekly analytics reporting available
  • Affordable monthly payment plans available

If you haven’t yet started taking advantage of social media, we can help you get started.  We can create and manage your business presence for you.

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Helping REALTORS Sell

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Helping REALTORS Sell

REALTOR® Websites and Hosting

Are you trying to get your name out there?  Are home buyers and sellers seeking you out on the web or are they finding your competition?  We help with that.  Do you want automatic listing integration?  We can do that too.   Real Estate is a hard business.  We know.  The owner of ML Stuckey Consulting worked for MRIS for 15 years leading many of the development efforts on the products you use every day as a REALTOR. With our REALTOR Sites, you get all the benefits listed under our regular Website Design PLUS:

  • Professional Headshot sitting
  • Listing Input, Search, and Detail pages
  • Optional IDX (automated listing feed) integration
  • Optional RBI Statistics integration
ML Stuckey Consulting  Services - Helping You Sell Your Products

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Helping You Sell Your Products

Ecommerce Solutions

Have a product you need to sell?  Great!  We love doing Ecommerce applications.  We can help you sell your products.  And best of all, we can help make it easy for you.  Let’s face it, if you wanted to be doing your own coding, you probably wouldn’t be on this page right now.  So our job is to make it easy for you to do your job. If you know the Ecommerce solution you want your site integrated with, no problem!  We will get it taken care of for you.  And if you don’t, it’s still no problem.  We can help guide you to the best solution and gateway for you. ML Stuckey Consulting services can also upgrade your existing Ecommerce solution.  If you need any assistance with evaluating new Ecommerce solutions or Payment Gateways, we have plenty of experience to help! Here are just a few of the solutions we have worked with previously:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Paypal
  • Shopp
  • Cart66
  • UltraCart
ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Creating Your Workflows, Design Docs and Other Technical Tools

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Creating Your Workflows, Design Docs and Other Technical Tools

Solution Architecture

If your first question is, “Ummmm….what’s that???”  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  Many people aren’t really sure what Solution Architecture is. Do you have trouble  keeping up with your business applications?  Are you entering the same new customer in multiple places?  Lots of businesses have that problem.  We can help you integrate all those applications together so that they act as one.  Just one and done!  Essentially that’s all Solution Architecture is.  Figuring out how to make lots of different applications all work together as one. In case you are interested in the Tech Speak part of things, here’s some more information.  We can provide you with strong team leadership skills.  We lead teams in complex project giving them the ability and confidence to excel.  We are proficient in designing system architectures and providing specifications for all systems and integrations.  We are awesome at creating system design documentation using Visio.  We can also do technical documentation such as manuals, requirements documentation, and process documentation.  We think outside the box in order to create simplified processes while ensuring reliability. Still want to hear more?  Great!  Here’s more acronyms that we can help you with:

  • Integrations specializing in SOA, SaaS, cloud computing, and internal infrastructure.
  • Expertise in various ETL and ESB tools such as Talend and Actian Data Connect (formerly Pervasive), CRM integrations to SalesForce, and cloud computing in AWS.
  • Evaluating new technologies for implementation and integration.
  • Talent for translating intrinsically complex technical information into an audience-specific language.
ML Stuckey Consulting Services -  Helping You Implement Your Customer Relationship Management Solutions

ML Stuckey Consulting Services - Helping You Implement Your Customer Relationship Management Solutions

CRM (Is that even English???)

One of the most maddening things is when people start throwing around terms and acronyms that other people just don’t understand, right?  Well, as a business owner, if there is one acronym you should learn about, this one is it.  CRM is Customer Relationship Management, and it is the blood that keeps every business alive.  It is your link to your customers.  Without customers, there is no business. Do you know your customers?  Do you have trouble keeping track of customers?  Managing customer contacts?  We can assist you with selecting and/or implementing a Customer Relationship Management tool.  No two businesses are the same.  Nor are their needs the same.  Getting some expert assistance can make all the difference in getting the right solution in place.  Tell us your pain.  Let ML Stuckey Consulting services be your technology doctor, and we’ll find the cure for you.  And the best part?  We can also help you get your new tool up and running for you. We are constantly evaluating different CRMs.  If you have a particular one that you want  explored, we’re happy to check it out!

Want More Information?

If you would like a free consultation to discuss your needs, please contact us!  Or if you are already convinced that we can help you and are ready to sign on, you just made our day (but we still need you to contact us)!

Oh and hey…see, it does help to have a website.  If it weren’t for our website, we wouldn’t have had this chance to chat or to maybe get your business.